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Found 20th Nov 2017
Hi which one has more content please and better value for money? thanks!
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same here I have both.... netflix is far better their original content is often superb
I've had both for quite a while now. They have a similar quantity of stuff but Netflix original content is better. I think it will only improve year on year as Netflix are investing heavily.
same here I have both.... netflix is far better their original content is often superb
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but can you get all the same content? Some shows are licensed to nf only
Why not take up the free months trial for both services and try for yourself
Get both do the trials first then pay for Netflix and do the student nus amazon thing for 6 months free and 3 years at £39. Need to find a free or £1 course, and get a NUS card for £14.
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I’m not very impressed by Amazon - so much is not free and you have to pay. I like that all of Netflix is included with the subscription. Plus on amazon it’s really clunky - you should be able to buy the dvd And watch the digital version whilst you are waiting for the post. I just view it as a freebie with my amazon prime which I buy for free delivery.
I have both, Netflix is by far superior
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Thanks guys
Both here as well and netflix is better
definitely Netflix
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Netflix is better. You could do a prime month trial and get through the best stuff.
Definitely Netflix. You have to pay for half the stuff on Amazon - I don’t let the kids use it as they just click purchase all the time. The Amazon interface is awful too. I only had Amazon because I bought Prime for deliveries.
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