Amazon Prime turned sour due to Amazon Logistics?

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Found 29th Nov 2016
I am an Amazon Prime customer who has been waiting at least 5 days for next day deliveries, although my tracking states they were out for delivery 4 days ago.

Is this due to Amazon Logistics being crap carriers?

Is anyone else experiencing the same poor service/luck?


Agreed. Amazon logistics are balls.

Bought a few things on Black Friday, was out for delivery. No notes left, but tracking said 'Left with Resident Ben'

No sign of the parcel, no clue who 'Ben' is and Amazon could only refund as it was a limited time offer...

I agree I have had similar experience It took about more than a week for me. Best thing to do is contact support and ask them to send replacement, that is what i did as i never received the original. They might also give you £5 etc if you tell them how disappointed you are. worth a shot.

Had my parcel lost 'delivered'. I contacted customer services and they asked to wait 5 days.
Told them that this is unacceptable and I paid to get item next day. Finally I got replacement item next day

It was much better when they used DPD, you got an hour deliver window and could change your delivery and everything.

Same here Tho home address.
Post office pick up no problems

Ironically I ordered some items yesterday and they arrived today already which is unusual, I don't have Prime.

every time its late, email and they will add an extra month for free

I've had problems with this a few times to be honest. I've noticed now that Amazon have resorted to using Royal Mail for games and blurays which is much better to be honest.

Every time I've complained about Amazon Logistics they've either given me a fiver credit or a month extension to my Prime membership


every time its late, email and they will add an extra month for free

who do you email ?

we used to use prime same day. but alas now nothing is available for same day delivery and next day is utter crap these days. still waiting on a parcel that was sent out on the 21st of November next day. Amazon just keep saying they are looking into it. had a extra month a d fiver from them already. but yes it has gone down hill very fast.

I would check in your bins or under bushes etc in your gardens. They tend to be favoured over traditional old style letterboxes with Amazon logistics.

Never had an issue with Amazon logistics and we order a lot.


who do you email ?

Just use the "contact us" option and say how disappointed you are paying for prime but not getting items next day

Currently on my 8th free month !

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I contacted them twice yesterday. First time I got a free month, second time I got a massive £3! lol


Just use the "contact us" option and say how disappointed you are paying … Just use the "contact us" option and say how disappointed you are paying for prime but not getting items next dayCurrently on my 8th free month !

i tried that but in live chat and got squat , maybe cos i am on a student 6 month free prime ?

I also think they are awful. could not find a business address from a big company that's been established in that park for 15years. this has happened on more that one occasion. best I got was a free month each time . but only once for each order regardless of how many times they failed to deliver . thankfully it was never stuff I needed immediately .

Think it's the area you live in, we don't have issues and normally Amazon come on a night time when most people are in.

Found in N.Ireland I actually prefer Amazon Logistics since they opened a DC here. Not just as someone else pointed out they mainly arrive at night when someone actually in but also they fact they deliver on a Sunday also. But still getting some deliveries from DPD.

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UPDATE: Finally got my item (after waiting 9 days) after customer services having to reorder item as it was "undeliverable".

They changed the carrier to DPD arrived 3 days later. Much better!

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