Amazon prime video. 4K UHD content

Found 18th Feb
hi all,

I am struggling to find the UHD or 4K content on Amazon prime video. I am finding most of it comes with an extra charge even with prime.

I found high castle and grand tour.

is there a list anywhere?

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If you have a 4K device it will appear on a separate banner on a supporting device. There's also a small UHD sign above the prime logo.
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Many thanks. Maybe my fire stick doesn't support 4k
The grand tour is glorious in 4k
Buckbeak003 h, 35 m ago

Many thanks. Maybe my fire stick doesn't support 4k

None of the Fire sticks support 4K. You need the 2nd generation box but that does not support HDR or the 3rd generation box with a built HDMI lead which also supports HDR.
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must be blind as the menu above says 4k or uhd…_TV

if your TV like my new LG has it, its built in and plays HDR 4k
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