Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus video playback stutter on Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019

Posted 27th Nov 2022
I bought a nvidia shield tv pro and been testing it out. I seem to find that there is a stutter during video playback. I did read somewhere when searching for app compatibility that the prime video app doesn't run as good as it does on the fire tv devices. I tested plex and youtube, both run smoothly. I have the 2nd gen fire tv cube and videos runs smoothly.

For anyone who uses the shield tv pro along with these two apps, how has the video playbacks been for you guys? Any feedback on this matter if anyone has/had the same issues and if there is any solution, would appreciate any help and advice, many thanks!
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    I've Gen 1 Shield and have no issues with either. 6 years old, never missed a beat and still gets updates. (edited)
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    Disney plus plays fine in mine don't have Amazon prime
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    Prime Video plays on mine although the latest update is quite bad. The app itself is very clunky.
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    Few problems for me, whether Prime Video, Tubi, Pluto, or other streaming sources.
    I always run through a vpn, have 100mb service.
    I do get a stutter occasionally, but I think that is the vpn and adblocker screwing with the ad based services
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    I have Roku box and all apps for streaming works fine. But on my tv 📺 t lags and out of sink
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    I've always found Prime video app really clunky and horrible to use regardless of device. (edited)
    you mean the prime video app? Sorry I have rephrased the question and ammended the main post... (edited)
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    plays fine for me. to get disney in 4k i need to change from 59hz (the default 4k option) to 24hz 4k or it just plays in 1080p. apple tv keeps pausing unless i put on 24hz 4k too, and iplayer didn't play nice unless i put on 24hz

    are you using a 4k tv and what settings do you have the screen at on the sheild?

    i presume you've done a speed test to ensure the box is connected fast enough? i use ethernet
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