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Posted 10th Dec 2022
I have been watching the price of the harry potter box set via amazon prime video.

I think its really unfair that it's almost cheaper to buy a dvd player and the box set on dvd (i understand the reason why the digital version stays high, just moaning lol)

does anyone know how to get any discounts off buying the box set or if there are any times of the year that it's likely to drop in price?
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    If you dont like the price there is an alternative...
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    I feel your pain I’ve just cancelled now tv because they wouldn’t offer me a deal. It’s Harry Potter weather for sure but I’ve tried all ways to get a discount on prime movies what you purchase and it never seems to go down in price
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    If it helps, the cheapcharts website shows the HP Collection has been as low as £30 on iTunes if that helps. You will need an Apple TV device, or a TV that supports the Apple TV App AND allows you to purchase items. Or you can purchase via the iTunes App on a PC. TVs with Android OS do not allow purchases via the Apple TV App due to the ongoing streaming wars between Apple and Google. On Apple, most if not all the movies in the collection are in 4K (with Dolby Vision if your TV supports it) so look spectacular on a good 4K TV. Apple also seem to have a good reputation for quality of streaming (bitrate).
    Thanks, I've never heard of that site. Had a quick look at prime again. And the boxset is down to £35. So £5 more than the lowest with the convenience I'm looking for.
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