Amazon PS4 Pre-Order Games Unavailable ?

Found 11th Apr
Does anyone knoe why ?

Games such as the upcoming God Of War, Spiderman, Detroit Become Human are all currently unavailable to Pre-Order! Very Bizzare
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Yes! It's been like this for 1 or 2 weeks I think. I don't know why tho.
Was wondering the exact same thing. Reviews for God of War are out so I was anxious to pre-order and I prefer to order from Amazon, but all the Sony exclusives are "Currently unavailable".

I'm waiting a bit longer for them to maybe put it back up before I buy it from elsewhere. Very weird.

Also: I contacted Amazon customer support about God of War and they said they may not have sufficient stock, but obviously that doesn't make sense as even Detroit: Become Human, Spider-man etc are unavailable.
I ended up pre-ordering from shopto they’re selling god of war on ebay & on there shopto website
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