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Hi i want to buy a hoover from amazon the new price is £49.99 and reburbished one is £34.99 from a seller, do i get free delivery ? or is this just free delivery over £15 from amazon ?
Hope someone can help
lou x


The delivery rates differ with the private sellers as they can choose how they want to package and ship the product to you.

The free delivery is from Amazon. That's not to rule out that private sellers may offer free delivery too, you'll have to ask them for their rates if it isn't shown.

It would be unwise to assume that they deliver for free.

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Ok Thanks Magic_monkey do you know if there any codes for Amazon ?

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£9 delivery

If you're buying from a private seller then I don't think amazon vouchers would work. You can prove me wrong but I think that many of the private merchants are their own companies, not associated with amazon, just using the site to advertise their own things.

I think that amazon vouchers can only be used if you are buying from the company of amazon.
Not sure if that's right but I think so.

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Not to worry i got another one £39 delivered only a 1400 but got some great comments


Just to clarify......

If you buy from Amazon themselves and spend over £15 then yes you are normally entitled to free delivery.

However if you buy from a private seller, which can be anyone (except for certain categories) then the P&P charges are dictated by Amazon, according to the items manufacturers quoted boxed weight. The seller has no control over the amount Amazon charges the buyer for P&P and sometimes the seller can actually end up out of pocket for this - this has happened to me as I do sell on Amazon from time to time!!

I hope this helps clarify even though you have already purchased from elsewhere on this occasion.

Thanks for the info Danant!
Didn't know that before but now I do!
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