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Found 6th Aug
Quick query fellow HUKDs. I've not ordered anything from Amazon since June. I've not ordered anything since or cancelled any orders etc. Only my account has my payment details and I've checked your orders and there's nothing there.

My question stems from the fact that a £1.00 pending charge was shown on my online banking. I've since phoned Amazon who advise me it is an authorisation charge what they wouldn't tell me is why. I am concerned by this given I've had no recent orders nor have Igot a new card etc.

Has anyone else experienced random authorisation charges from Amazon or should I be more concerned about this?
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I had once on my revolut card. That was after going on live chat.
I used a prepaid card when I signed up recently and they've taken £1 off that.
It will cycle off in 7 days normally
They’ve recently started testing cards saved on the accounts randomly and often, even if you have no orders. They do it to mine all the time.

Delete your card off your account, OP, and it should stop.
Happens all the time for varying reasons , they take a small charge from your account (presumably to check the bank account /credit card is still active ) - it never actually takes any money and disappears after 3-4 working days . Nothing to worry about .
Is a prepayment authorisation, as rogparki says, it gets 'reserved' on your bank account, then a day or two later is cancelled. Keep an eye on it. If its still showing in a few days, ring up.
Thanks all for the reassurance! Strange policy!
Are companies actually allowed to randomly apply these pre auth charges? Obviously on first using a card I can understand that they need to do this to prevent fraud etc but to do this seems odd! I recently asked a trusted friend to order something from their prime account and when they added my card to their account I had this applied to my card, have you maybe done something similar op?
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