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Found 29th Dec 2010
I've been looking at buying a printer and as I prefer buying from Amazon over other retailers, I have been keeping a close eye on their price.

I've checked numerous times over the last 24 hours and the price has changed at least 4 times. Is there a blind monkey sitting in the Amazon offices randomly entering prices or do they have some sort of automated price checking and altering system. I guess the latter is the case but Amazon's prices are going up and down more than Paris Hilton's knickers.
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Thanks for replying. Does seem a bit hit and miss though.
Amazon, and merchants that sell on Amazon, can get a piece of software that automatically changes your prices so that you're the lowest on the marketplace (obviously they set the minimum price and stuff like that). If someone comes in at a lower overall price, the software will adjust your price to be cheaper by say 5%, or at least £2 (or whatever they chose to be). That explains why you see strange, random price points like £13.41 or £15.56
That’s part of the reason Amazon is so cheap, as merchants compete with Amazon for the lowest price to get the 'buy box' on the page and to be first on the listing - but to answer your question, no - there's not someone sat there all night doing it!
Amazon also use a price matrix based on stock quantity, selling rate profit, and key competitors prices through googleshopping feeds, which again would automatically change the price!
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