Posted 13th Mar 2023 (Posted 4 h, 8 m ago)
I purchased an apple watch from Amazon as a birthday present. Amazon reduced the price by £20 the later that day - unfortunately, the item was dispatched so I couldn't cancel. I contacted them, asking them if they can refund the difference.

The agent then tells me a flat out: "No refunding the difference is not our policy. But you can return it and re-order it."

I respond: "It's a birthday gift for today so the recipient would be without their gift, so I am not able to return"

Agent: "We do not contact our customers after the item is delivered and ask for more money"

Me: "Excuse me?"

Agent; "After the customer pays the price that is final. You can return it, I can help with this?"

Me: ".... I'm the customer, I don't see your point? You're telling me I can return it - which means an Amazon delivery driver has to come out, pick it up, return it, re-order it, pack it in the warehouse, and ship the same product back out to me? I don't understand the logic here."

Agent: "Noted. Bye, thanks for being an Amazon prime customer"

I am not a spiteful person but I am considering returning it to Amazon and purchasing elsewhere. This is now the final straw - I've had nothing but problems with Amazon recently and each time customer care has been unhelpful or rude.

Is it just me? I've now had this kind of language/style of customer service from Amazon with the last 2-3x I've contacted them. It's shocking compared to how good they used to be.
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  1. 999's avatar
    If I was you I'd have ordered it again at the lower price, given the gift, and then returned the lower price one on the higher priced return label. Does that make sense?

    Everyone's a winner and no need to use Customer Service
    in$anity's avatar
    That does make sense - and you're right... I tried to be upfront with Amazon about it and it bit me in the ass. Your method would be much better.
  2. _-Richie-_'s avatar
    Never thought I'd post this ever but ... I'm on Amazon's side.
    You saw an item for whatever value and you were happy to pay that, you could of looked elsewhere but decided to use Amazon, you made the purchase and that's it, they fulfilled their side of the contract.

    Later you saw the same item and decided you want it for that price, that's not Amazons fault, it happens.
    You could of ordered it again at the cheaper rate and return your 1st purchase, either way I fail to see why Amazon should offer you the difference, like the advisor said, if the price went up then Amazon wouldn't ask you for more.
  3. JimboParrot's avatar
    Sit back and wait for the comments....'it could have gone up in price so would you send Amazon the extra....' or similar wording.

    £20 isn't really a deal breaker, is it?
    in$anity's avatar
    Sorry, I meant £30. And it's more the way I was spoken to by Amazon's customer service more-so than 30 quid. They just seem much more unprofessional than they did a few years back.
  4. darkclouds's avatar
    Typical amazon support recently can’t give you a answer they cut the chat

    amazons support as gone down the drain last 2 years 

    just look at their attitude when you order something expensive then get a tin of dog food  (edited)
    in$anity's avatar
    I agree their customer support / way they speak to customers has gone down the drain.
  5. Mrcrazyman69's avatar
    I've never had an issue with CS, however if it were me I would definitely complain about being spoken to in such an unprofessional manner.
    Mail's avatar
    I know right? Never been spoken like this before by them and it's disgraceful (if it's an accurate representation of course). I would try again OP going to their live service and seeing if another representative will help.
  6. sAmeri's avatar
    I think the reason they do this is to dissuade people from getting refunds over price differences. Having to return and wait all the time for a refund AND the new item to arrive is just too much for most, over a few pounds.
  7. Muig1972's avatar
    If you complain, the agent will probably end up being praised as a model employee by their boss. After all, instead of wasting time arguing with you when there was nothing they could do, they swiftly finished the conversation so they could move on the next customer. Impressive dedication to efficiency!
  8. Azwipe's avatar
    Best advise is avoid Amazon if at all possible for large purchases. A quick google usually shows an alternative retailer for the same price.

    The after sales and attitude of the staff is really bad since covid.
  9. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    If you pressed the cancel link it would either cancel automatically & if it couldn't do that it would try to notify the driver to return it to base. Even if that was not possible you could have refused at the door.

    You could have ordered a 2nd one. But (as someone else has said) for £20, is it really worth it.

    If you email jeff then you probably will get your £20 back anyways. (edited)
    in$anity's avatar
    Been shopping with Amazon since 2003 and have cancelled items - never had a cancelled item returned to base by a driver (even since Prime came in?) - that must be very rare.

    I was at work when they delivered so I couldn't have refused at the door.

    And again , it's more the way I was spoken to on the chat than anything else.
  10. Palwan's avatar
    I wonder what is wrong with someone accepting a retailer policy rather argue

    So many threads on same topic.

    PS : didn't had a good experience with Amazon CS for while now.

    "No refunding the difference is not our policy. But you can return it and re-order it."
  11. bozo007's avatar
    Amazon changed its policy a few years ago. Multiple threads have popped up here.
    darkclouds's avatar
    Problem is they are not following it to the rule as some agents will actually still refund the difference this is why there this problem in the first place 
  12. Change_Me's avatar
    at the end of the day amazon ain't a charity their job is to make shareholders as much money as possible
  13. TobiRIP's avatar
    you also cannot cancel orders whilst they are in transit to you anymore,
  14. TyroneH's avatar
    Just say you got the wrong item in the parcel , will be free then
  15. ncd's avatar
    Just out of interest, would you expect any other retailer to refund you the difference?
    TyroneH's avatar
    I’ve done it with Argos, 2 months after purchase .
  16. razo's avatar
    They do this because it saves them a lot of money - most people can't be bothered to return the item and reorder it.

    The customer service agents have to deal with people questioning this policy over and over again all day long - but it's company policy and it's that way for the obvious reason (as mentioned above). They person you're speaking to can do nothing about it, and the company isn't going to change its policy.

    So, although yes it's out of order that you were spoken to that way, can you maybe see why they might end up being so sick of that same discussion over and over, that they might respond that way?
  17. AndyRoyd's avatar
    ...unfortunately, the item was dispatched so I couldn't cancel.
    Statutory cancellation provision up to 14 days after receipt, including delivery refusal that will not even start the 14 days counter.
    in$anity's avatar
    Not sure if you were saying I was talking rubbish or Amazon were. Here's proof I tried to cancel:

  18. SirAlfonso's avatar
    I Gave up trying this ages ago.
    Just buy it again and return that one under the original order. Say not as described for a free return label. 
  19. Alexanderlocks's avatar
    I don't bother ordering from them anymore unless it's something only they sell. Customer service has been in decline these last few years, they have too much money and customers to care or treat people as valued customers.
  20. chump's avatar
    Amazon policy doesn't make sense . I get the whole concept if it went up in price would you then pay them more. But the point is even if went down by 1p, they would rather you return it, (most of the time for free) and reorder it again. The additional cost to Amazon would be a lot greater. They would be saving money by refunding.
    BabiDealings's avatar
    Amazon are clearly not stupid, they have the statistics. So if they think it is better to have a policy where they don’t refund price differences then they are the ones who know best. If they allowed them at what timeline would be acceptable? 5 days? 10 days? 21 days? As if they did allow a refund it would only mean more people would check prices after delivery and more people would ask for refunds. By not allowing them, the majority of people would not bother returning the said item and re-ordering
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