Amazon refund 'Don't need to return the item'

Found 4th Nov 2016
I ordered a book from Amazon for £4.89. It arrived yesterday butI managed to get it from the library so I went on my account to return it and it said refund has been processed and I don't need to return the item.

Has anyone else had this? So basically they have just given it to me for free?


Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

My Aunty had it happen when she received a book with a ripped dust cover, they said keep it and sent her a new one

Happens occasionally, but only on certain items that would make it cost prohibitive for them to take it back. Though, do it too much and they will cancel/blackmark your account.
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Yes same thing happened for a processor I bought. Amazon refunded me the money and asked me
not to send it back as they couldn't resell it. It was worth £80 but my first ever return. I felt
guilty and tried to give half the cost but Amazon wouldn't accept.
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i suppose it depends on the cost of sending someone to collect the item etc... i had to return an item that went faulty after 14 days, the hassle i had sending it back.

Have had a couple but usually they've asked for the item to be returned.

Had it happen twice in a few years, both very low value stuff that I was returning as they didnt work; as above, if the postal cost is higher than the value, they sometimes just write it off.

Bet it was 50 shades of grey

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Bet it was 50 shades of grey

It was most certainly not that rubbish.

yeh it's happened to me on a couple of occasions . charging cable. wireless charger.
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