Posted 25th Oct 2022
So, I purchased a chromebook back in Jan 2021 and recently it developed a fault, after talking to manufacturer and amazon on a conference call it was agreed for me to return and be refunded to original payment card.

Chromebook has been returned and email received from Amazon last week to say they have refunded to the payment card (now expired)
I'm with Lloyds and normally when i get a confirmation refund from Amazon it's back in my account at 4pm the following working day..... but this time I've yet to receive it, some 6 working days later.

Anyone else experienced a delay to a refund on an expired card?

My account is still active so shouldn't be a problem in receiving it.

I've contacted the bank and they say nothing they can do, can't even dispute the original transaction due to time passed. And speaking to Amazon they say refunds can take up to 2 weeks to show.... but as i say, all previous refunds to the same bank account have shown by 4pm the next working day.

Any advice most welcome on how to get my money back much appreciated, or are Amazon correct in it will take 14 days?

Thank you
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    same thing happened to me and I got it as credit instead of sent to my expired card.

    should go to amazon instead of your bank about alternatives.
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    It should go back to your card.

    I was also paying via 5 instalments and my original card was expired. I've received whole amount as 5 refunds back to my account after 5-6 days.

    If you received an e-mail from Amazon with refund amount, just wait - it can be different for every bank but you should get it sooner or later. If you would ask for refund it as a credit to your Amazon account you would get it instantly, but now you just need to wait.

    And yes, Lloyds is a bad bank, you should think about leaving them to different one. (edited)
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    I've had this with first direct. I was put through to a dept that can find payments made to closed cards. As I had the long card number and date of original transaction they located it with a couple of days and paid it to me (the bank).
    If Lloyds have such a department they are keeping it quiet. I'm going to contact amazon at the end of the week if I don't hear before then.
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    I've had numerous payments refunded back to expired cards, all around a week normally.
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    It doesn't matter if the card expired. It even doesn't matter when you would have a card with a different number now, LLoyds has all that on file.
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    it eventually finds its way to your card, its all linked. much like when ive paid a credit card statement using the details of an expired card. takes its sweet time but eventually it goes in.

    worrying to read that LLoyds playing dumb? We cant chase the transaction? So who can? bunch of numpties
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    Do you have a new card on the same account? After all, their records will show it was due to expire.
    As long as the card is yours then it shouldn't be a problem
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    Just be patient.
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    they are adamant they have refunded to the card, and no credit showing in the gift card balance.

    I do wonder however, i purchased the chromebook on their 5 monthly installment plan, and the original transaction shows on my bank account as amazon installments..... however they incorrectly took the full value of the item in one lump sum, which i just went with.......wonder if that could be cause for delay / error?
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    Lloyds are now looking into it, having asked me for evidence and all correspondence from Amazon in relation to the refund - so have emailed all proofs incl original transaction.
    Amazon are also calling me Monday to get an update.

    I'm hopeful i will get it back soon.
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    Over 2 weeks now since the refund was supposedly processed and still no refund received.
    Both amazon and Lloyds are useless, each time i get a different story of what's happening... or rather what isn't happening.

    Latest from Amazon is as the original order was placed using the 5 monthly installment plan (which they balls'ed up and deducted the full amount on the first installment) means the refund needs to be released by the installment company, and they don't know who that is!

    Lloyds have requested the refund payment reference which i got from amazon, they now present that to amazon saying they haven't got it...... can take 30 days for amazon to reply.

    I'm so fed up, suffer from mental health problems and i'm really beating myself up on this - they acknowledge they have the chromebook back, but now saying all this time is normal.
    I've had refunds from installment plans before and been refunded the next day..... i'm sure they're just making it up pending which person i speak to as no-one wants to take ownership..... everyone's role is to answer the phone and get rid of people asap, no-one is taking ownership and investigating.

    I'm at a dead end now
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    Had a response to my email to the MD of Amazon UK - His office is investigating so hopefully will get my refund soon.
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    A month since Amazon state they sent the refund i still haven't recieved it.

    At the Amazon executive office they seem to be unable to verify it was actually sent, even though they have an ARN number.

    Meanwhile even though giving the ARN to Lloyds 2 weeks ago, they haven't investigated it yet - complaint raised with them today - although they offered me 40 quid to close the complaint immediately and threatening i won't get compensation if i escalate it! Will only close the complaint when the money is made available to me, or at least they have fully investigated the ARN if it wasn't sent.

    Why has it become so difficult to get this refund! Fustrated!