Amazon-refunding the difference

I believe amazon will refund the difference on items you have bought from them if they appear cheaper within so many days of buying them,unsure how long.Does anybody know how u go about this or do u have to email them


They don't

Believe postage is now free instead

They stopped doing this years ago, you won't get anywhere even if you email and ask them.

They used to but stopped about a year ago but they have been known to give partial reductions if you complain to customer services ....

They removed that a while ago -
But i bought an item last week that dropped £30 2 days later and rang them to ask if they would refund and they said no
so I said i would return the item and would re-order which they said was fine to do...
I had an email 10 mins after hanging up saying £30 was being refunded as a good will gesture.
So worth a call

Original Poster

Thanks every1,wasnt a fortune so i wont bother but didnt realise they stopped this,very handy to know

Both times I've complained in an e-mail I have been credited the difference. They always say they don't normally do it but will do it this time as good will. Neither time was a large amount both £15 ish.

Last time i had to call them and ask about it. I was told it was 7days, but you also have the right to return up to 14 days under distance selling regulations, so just return and order again. Tell them you are prepared to do this and if you are within the 7 days I doubt you will have any problems

interesting, thanks posters.
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