Amazon Return - Item is missing from the box

Posted 3rd Aug 2020Edited by:"Harrods"
Hi All,

I returned one portable SSD drive to Amazon using THEIR QR code/Royal Mail prepaid returns label. 2 weeks after it was returned to the warehouse (according to the tracking) I received this email


We are writing to let you know that we received only cables instead of the original item, XXXXX, in your return of order # XXXXXXXX

We cannot issue a refund for this order until we receive the correct item. Please return it to us if you want to receive the refund.

We expect and understand the occasional problem with a return. However, there have been repeated problems with returns on your account. We want to bring this to your attention because continued failure to follow our policies may result in you no longer being able to buy on

You can review our return policies in the Returns, Refunds and Title section of the Conditions of Use, available at the link below:…use

To appeal this decision, please reply to this email to reach an account specialist.


Account Specialist"

Note - no history of 'repeated problems with returns on your account' as I only ever returned one other item and that was received and processed with no issues...

I've responded to the email with proof of posting which has the package weight and no response for over a week.

Reached out to regular customer service but the response is pretty much the same....please get in touch with courier, goodbye. Surely they should get in touch with their appointed contractor, not the customer...

Not really sure what to do here, I always almost return items in store when possible, to avoid issues like this - is there an executive email I can reach out to?
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