Posted 11th Sep 2018
Just wanted to share my recent experience with Amazon and Hermes.

I hope my story will be shared in the community and avoid others having the same experience.

I returned a RazerBlade gaming laptop to Amazon. They are claiming that the box arrived empty and essentially accused me of stealing it without any kind of reason or proof (for the record I didn't)

As you can imagine I am somewhat upset.

Despite around three hours on the phone to Amazon a manager at their Customer Service team they will not refund the item.

Amazon's first tactic was to say they could only refund if I had proof the item was picked up. They kept saying they needed the receipt. Now I know from previous posts that MyHermes do not provide receipts so this was clearly BS.

Fortunately for me I live in a building with a concierge service and they have a parcel tracking system for deliveries and pickups so I have proof that MyHermes did collect it.

I also packed the item in front of my wife. This is important as if/when we get to court, despite our relationship, it is some form of evidence that I am not lying.

Next they told me to contact MyHermes. Consider that it was them that arranged the collection with MyHermes so there is no way that MyHermes will engage with me over this.

Then they claimed that because of the amount they could not refund it and I would have to write to their 'Head Office'. I asked them to email me the details of the head office and agreed to write.

I then received an email that said that whatever I sent to the HQ would be handled by the Customer Services team (who had just said they couldn't resolve the problem).

Now I appreciate that the item has been stolen and effectively there are three/four places where it could have been stolen.

1. I could be a lying thief. In my defense I am not. I have been an Amazon customer for about 20 years and get around 280/300 deliveries from them a year (400-500 items). In all that time this is the first missing item.

2. My concierge could have stolen it. I believe this is highly unlikely. Fristly he is a very honest guy but it just doesnt make sense. He was well aware of the contents of the box both on delivery and return. If he were going to take the item he would have stolen it on initial delivery (not went being returned as faulty). Also, his work area is surrounded by CCTV and he has worked here for 4/5 years with no issues.

3. A MyHermes person could have taken it. Yes, they could. Again the guy that picked it up is the same guy as the one who delivered it so probably not him but maybe someone else in the chain.

4. An Amazon person could have taken it. Again yes they could. I suspect Amazon security on returns is likely to be less tight than on normal items.

Of all these options Amazon decided to blame me... Let's call that a mistake.

Now I have disputed the charges with my Credit Card company so it looks like we are heading for court....

I also asked Amazon for the trace details on the package including the details of the Amazon depot where it could have been stolen. I explained this was so I could report the theft to the police. Amazon have failed to provide this information. I can only think that they do not want the matter reported to the police as they understand it is quite a possibility one of their own staff that may have stolen it.

Please feel free to share my story with friends and family as Amazon should not get away with this kind of behaviour.


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