Posted 4th Dec 2022
I bought a 3D printer but the touchscreen isn't working so I contacted the manufacturer (as recommended by Amazon)  and they want me to carry out the repairs (from items they will send from China) which I find unacceptable. I still want the product but I'm not given the option to exchange it. The price of the printer has now risen as it was a Black Friday deal. I was also given 2 "free" items, a bottle of resin and a screen protector. In total, I paid £219 but Amazon is only refunding me £174.10 for the printer. That's £46 I'm down on something that's not my fault. The resin is only useful when I have a working printer and the screen protector is only useful for this actual machine. They are not faulty and I think Amazon will charge me to return these items.

I can accept the technical support and repair the printer myself but the problem might not just be the touchscreen but the motherboard and this whole process could take months to fix. Besides, I'm not a qualified electrician so it would be dangerous to repair.

Is there any way to proceed so I'm not out of pocket?
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    Not convinced there will be a more positive outcome other than full refund of all monies paid.

    If a product you’ve purchased on Amazon Marketplace is faulty or not as advertised (i.e., nonconforming), the seller has to give you a free-of-charge (including return costs) repair, replacement, or refund for a reasonable time following the sale.

    Additionally, local legislation dictates the buyer has the right to reject nonconforming (to contract) goods within 30days of receipt for full refund of all monies paid, or option to negotiate other acceptable outcome with seller, at buyer's choice.

    Change of mind returns may attract buyer-funded shipping fees.
    Defect resolution (that may or may not involve a return) will not attract any buyer-funded shipping fees, as confirmed in Amazon quotation.

    Any item included at no cost (free) conditional to a primary-product purchase should be included in any primary-product return, unless seller waives that requirement.

    It may require some polite but firm comms to convey the above to some ignorant marketplace sellers, esp if the seller's first language is not English, or if there is some question determining if a genuine nonconformance/fault is present or other issue has resulted in apparent product nonperformance.
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    When did you purchase it? (Exact date), When was it delivered? When did you contact the company and Amazon?

    Where all the products bundles together as one purchase ie buy X and recieve X+2 or buy X and add +2 to basket which reduced price of +2? (edited)
    The 3 items (printer, resin and screen) all arrived at different times and in separate packages. I didn't screengrab the deal (I'll know next time) but the deal was to buy the printer and then add the free products.

    This all happened last weekend, it arrived in good time and I set it up on Tuesday. As it was a third-party seller, Amazon is washing their hands from it. I contacted their customer support but that is based in China so I waited 24 hours between messages and did exactly as they told me. They've agreed that the touchscreen is broken (although it could also be the motherboard.)

    Secondly, I contacted Amazon support but as it's a third-party seller, they just offered me a refund or gave me contact details for the store that sold me the printer. I took up the latter option as I still want a working printer but the price has gone up as my deal was a Black Friday one.

    I then contacted the seller (which is the manufacturer's Amazon store) and they were able to know about my contact with customer support. They can't replace the printer and only refund it as this is Amazon's policy but when I go to refund I'm offered far less than what I paid for it. They recommended fixing the printer myself but I know this is a fob off as the printer should have arrived working.

    I'm now going through returns because they won't replace the printer but I'm being offered only £174.10 and out of pocket by £46. OK, I'll use the resin (which costs £25) but the screen is only useful for this specific printer.

    The original deal…c=1

    The free items were in the Special Promotions section and read something like "free 1kg of resin when you purchase this deal"
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    It sounds like a bundle; therefore, if you'd returned the resin and screen protector as well, then you would have gotten a full refund.

    Suggest return them now? Amazon typically has a 30-day returns policy for unwanted items (says on the product page). Just contact an agent and explain the situation; try not to overcomplicate it.
    I'm having to return each item separately and if the items aren't faulty I will be charged for the return afaik. I guess I'll just have to take this on the chin and probably lose some money. If I do though I'll bad mouth this company as it's not my fault.
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    Just do printer exchange option with amazon?

    Unfortunately if 3rd party, under rules, you should give them reasonable attempt to repair item first. (edited)
    No. In OPs circumstances legislation and Amazon policy states buyer has right to refund, if buyer chooses refund preference.
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    I’m confused, you’re not being offered the option to return the lot for a full refund but they want you to keep the free items but deduct the cost of them?

    I always grimace when I see others post but this is the prime, pardon the pun , example where I’d be tempted to order another and then return it with the faulty item?
    Slightly confused by your post, but I think you are saying:

    Order another at the higher price

    Keep the new one

    Return the old one as faulty but but do it for the "new" order
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    Were ALL THREE items from the same seller?

    If yes, advise Amazon chat that you want to return all three items.

    Your post states that they were ordered together and the items only work with this specific printer.
    I've gone through the returns process and yes, I'll get a full refund but no option of a replacement (which is what I was hoping). I still want the printer but now I'm not able to buy the same deal which is unfortunate. The only other option is to self-repair, it's not a hard fix but it may turn out that the motherboard needs replaced also and the parts may well be coming from China which will delay everything by weeks if not months.

    I'm a bit disappointed.
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    Thanks for all the help. I've returned all 3 for my initial £219 back. Now to show the senselessness of Amazon's returns, I've re-ordered the same deal at a fiver more. I'll be receiving the free screen and resin on Wednesday that I'm sending back today Let's hope this thing works as it was a slight inconvenience packaging everything up again when all I needed to send back was the printer.
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    if its within 30 days return the entire thing for a full refund.

    If you want to keep it, take the hit.

    Amazon have to refund you the price you paid for a faulty item.
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