Posted 23rd Dec 2010
I was wondering if anyone knew the link to the Amazon "returns" part of their site?

I was looking at a Leatherman the other day and a link was displayed to a returned product sold by Amazon themselves at a reduced price.

I cant find the link to that part of the site despite looking for about an hour.

Any ideas?
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Amazon Warehouse
Amazon Warehouse UK is a great way to get cheap deals on many different products that are in new or nearly-new condition. Whether that be refurbished laptops or refurbished iphones, ‘open box’ deals and other used items. We’re going to take a look at how to grab one of these bargains.

What are Amazon Warehouse Deals?
Amazon Warehouse is located within the main website and offers individual refurbished or returned products for sale at discounted prices. All items have been inspected by Amazon for their functional and physical condition. The products for sale are then graded and shown as ‘listing conditions’ on the website.

What are the various listing conditions?
Amazon grade the condition of their products so you can decide if you want to buy them. The information on their website is as follows:
Used – Like New
A "like new" item sold on Amazon Warehouse is in perfect condition, however, due to the condition of the packaging, it does not meet standards for being a new product. Returned items with minor packaging defects are classified as "Used-Like New."

Used – Very Good
If an item has cosmetic damage or blemishes, shows slight signs of use, has minor accessories missing, or the packaging has been replaced to better protect the item, we will assign the condition of "very good."

Used – Good
If an item has large cosmetic damage or blemishes and/or missing accessories, we will assign the condition of "good." It's possible the packaging has been replaced to better protect the item.

Used – Acceptable
If an item shows signs of wear including scratches, dents, and other aesthetic problems, we will assign the condition of "acceptable." It's possible the packaging has been replaced to better protect the item, manuals may be missing, and the item may contain third-party attachments.

Do Amazon Warehouse Deals qualify for Super Saver Delivery?
Yes they do! All warehouse deals follow the same delivery rates as their new products. So if you are spending over £20, you will qualify for super saver delivery. If you are an Amazon Prime member, these products are also eligible for prime delivery.

Are Amazon warehouse deals under warranty?
No they will not be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, however they are backed by Amazon's satisfaction guarantee.

Can I return an Amazon warehouse deal?
Yes, if the product does not meet Amazon’s satisfaction guarantee then items can be returned in line with the policies listed

The product I want keeps going out of stock, why is this?
This is because the products for sale on Amazon Warehouse are individual items, not from the main stock in their warehouse. If you see a really good deal on something you want to purchase then it is wise to buy it quickly before someone else does!
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