Amazon seller offering partial refund in return for product review

Posted 24th Apr 2015
Wife purchased item value £10.

She is very happy with it and would have gotten round to leaving a positive review for item and seller as it arrived in good time and is good quality.

We have received an email from the seller thanking us for the order and offering a £2 refund if a product review is left as they appreciate the feedback.

They also request seller feedback at our convenience.

Not had this before. They are not asking for a positive review, just a review.

Has anyone else encountered this?
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not me
Why the question about it? Seems a fair and simple request, not being pressured into it are you.

Sellers will do this as the more reviews (especially positive) will enhance their reputation.
Yes it happens with new sellers or sellers that need to achieve a top rated seller level.

Its a simple request, not sure why the need to post a question about it. Its not a scam or anything.
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Decent. Agreed not a scam, some sellers will pay for you to leave the feedback as I am sure they know their service was good enough for positive. I have had one seller refund me £5 and emailed me saying it was because they were local and were able to deliver it themselves. Some people are just kind.
Once had someone offer to send another identical item out for free if we left a review. Can't remember if it was product review or seller feedback.
product reviews will promote the actual product, perhaps at the benefit of all sellers if the product is sold by many. actual seller feedback will go towards their seller performance on their amazon account promoting them and also enabling them to gain access to the "buy-box" facility on products they sell.

just leave an honest product review of the product in the right place and actual seller feedback for them (after they have refunded you) - message them to tell them what you have done and they (if they stick to what they say) will request a partial refund as you said - if they don't pay you could voice this in their seller feedback and obviously report them to amazon as this is clearly a violation of the user t+c's.
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