Amazon Selling Problems

Hi all,

I have been selling the odd few items on market place for the past few years but this week my account has gone crazy.

Everyday at roughly the same time (around now) my account does not accept my password.

I then phone amazon, they reset it and I can sign in until the same point the next day.

They are saying my account is fine, but everyday at this time it disables and I cant log in.

Mind trying to break down the language barrier to explain the problem is very, very difficult. I have spoken to French, American and Indian people over the last weeks or so :x

Is anyone else having any problems? :?



If it's the same time every day I suspect that there's a scheduled job running on the database that is preventing sign-on. Rather than getting your password reset, have you tried waiting a while & then attempting to sign in?

Original Poster

Yeah tried that. Doesnt make a difference.

Thats a strange problem. Hope you get it sorted soon.
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