Amazon Sent Me a Sold and Fulfilled by Amazon from a 3rd party seller

Found 2nd Jan
I bought a 2x Samsung SSD that is sold and fulfilled by Amazon a couple days ago and today I received 1x Samsung SSD in a plain package with a 'Not for retail sale' seal and a 3rd party seller barcode label on it. And the other Samsung SSD received is fine and is in full retail package without the 3rd party seller barcode.

The sold and fulfilled by Amazon item cost more than £10 than a lowest 3rd party seller and I paid that amount since I wanted reassurance it is a genuine product. But Amazon sent me a 3rd party seller item that is not legal for retail sale. Has Amazon gone nuts and started buying from 3rd party seller to sell items at a higher price? Can't trust Amazon anymore!?
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That's fairly standard - you still have your normal Amazon protection .
Have you contacted Amazon?
No doubt deeky (and dough )will be along.....

frankly have my doubts about amazon
There have been a few articles in German computer magazines accusing Amazon of mixing their own stock with that of marketplace sellers, which I believe Amazon have denied on each occasion. I always thought that it was more likely is that an unscrupulous supplier had sold the OEM/non EU market drives to Amazon, instead of retail kits, but still billed them for the normal retail version.

Simply log into your Amazon account and raise a return to have them replace it with another. It is important you do send it back, as Samsung UK may not honour the warranty on an OEM drive like that.
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Have you contacted Amazon?

They said they'll send a replacement if I return it and said the standard PR statement saying they'll investigate. Dodgy Amazon doing this on a £280 item. If I want to buy from a 3rd party, I can do it myself without paying extra and going though them to resell it to me...
I've been sent fake items when buying directly from Amazon themselves (not through the marketplace), so I don't think they are particularly trustworthy.
"not legal for retail sale" <— it’s perfectly legal for them or anybody to sell this. The statement refers to the wishes of the manufacturer. There is no legal implications in this.
Amazon often mix stock and you can end up with fakes that 3rd parties have sent them.
I bought the same item from Prime Now since I needed to use that SSD asap and I finally got a genuine retail package without 3rd party barcode label this time. In the future, if you get anything from Amazon that has a 3rd party seller barcode on it, immediately request a return so they have to send you a new replacement and cost them money. Still can't believe they take stock from random 3rd party sellers and resale it to customers at higher price.
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