Amazon shoe returns, no collections?

I bought some shoes from Amazon..
(Sketchers spacious x2 - 1 pair too big, other a gift but are marked/damaged. 1x Timberland Rozari - just dont look right on me!)

After ages on hold Ive given up and thought Id ask on here. Am I right in thinking I have to pay for returns on all these items, but will only be refunded the cost of the postage for the one pair thats damaged??
I did think it was free returns, but Im assuming Ive got my wires crossed and thats on Javari only ? :-/

Not looking forward to going to the P.O with 1 massive box (the sketchers came together), the Timberland box isnt tiny either!!

*awaits replies with crossed fingers*


Ring them & they will send you an email with a link to a printable pre-paid returns label (if you do not have a printer you can claim it back)
say they are both damaged

I ordered a kettle for my mum and she didn't like it, I clicked on the return it page of my order and printed out a barcode & address, and she sent it back via the PO for £8 odd. Amazon have credited my credit card for the postage & the kettle.

go into your account on amazon and change order status to return. They then generate you a prepaid return sticker for you to print and attach and take to post office

OR pay yourself to post per there instructions and they refund you (within reason) so i'd use their label if you can!:thumbsup:

You don't pay to return shoes/boots now - as they have a new policy. I sent back a pair of the Spacious Skechers as they were too big and ordered a smaller pair. Click on your order details and there's a button to return. You then print out a pre-paid label. I took it to the post office but wanted to send it recorded delivery so only paid for the 70p-odd or whatever it was as the postage was already paid. It just meant you could track it online to make sure it got there. Turns out they credited me with the full postage because they assumed I'd paid the whole lot with having the RD sticker on it! So got £7 back as well as full refund - result!

Shoes are free returns as far as I know, they changed it a while ago.
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