amazon site

can anyone use their site
im getting redirected to…lah blah blah


Fine here.

Sounds like you have some spyware?

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i have a mac osx
all i did was search for caselogic case's clicked through a link. only a problem on amazon no other websites

typing into google 2nd one down is to do with amazon. so looks like i caught something

Sounds like you have some spyware or malware on your computer that is hijacking the link.

Either that or some banner code is going crazy on amazon.

yes mrplay it is the same when i try the site, i think it is just on the home page, try this link to the market place.......

I get the same too, also get it on the orange site....

any bright ideas to get it removed ?!

I have exactly the same when I try my normal link to Amazon.

Original Poster

yes main page only.

very werid

Was just about to post about this. Getting reports from all over this is happenning ... thought it was just me and wiped out all my cookies, so whooppee I have to put in all my passwords again, done a system restore, another whooppee and have been going ballistic about it ... gah ...

So maybe a banner has been hijacked.

Edit: They've now started blocking the banner ... Wonder if someone is going to lose their job or if a contract is going to be cancelled due to this.

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well how many people thought they had spyware/virus. deleting cookies, virus checking
now who wants to put they credit card details through the website that was redirected as soon as you visit.

i know its safe but alot dont

Yes, I had that too!
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