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Has anyone found a way to sort by price on Amazon that actually works?! - One that allows you to sort by price from Amazon themselves, not with the 1p marketplace stuff which throws everything out!

Really irritating!! - After using Amazon's site for a while recently it makes you realist how poor so many features are on it, shocking really!


would be interested in this myself it's so annoying also only able to view 12 or so items a page

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Yeah - that at the very least should be customisable. 15,000+ items and 12 per page! What's that all about eh!

Amazon take no notice when you email to tell them that their website is flawed. I gave up, you just get moronic emails back with nothing to do with what you told them or rather asked them. They do it on purpose so you give up.

still isn't great, but have you used the amazon link at the bottom of every HUKD page?


A few months ago they lumped the VHS and DVD categories together, so all searches for DVD movies were spammed up the VHS.

Thankfully they've added an option to remove VHS from the searches now.

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Actually, I've thought of something even more crazy - for work I have to order a toner for a HP printer - we used Amazon and it worked fine, then they started setting quantity to zero and saying we couldn't order any more. I gave up and used Ebuyer instead, however, a colleague emailed Amazon... get this:

'You can only order four of this item, as you've ordered the item more than 4 times previously you cannot order it again. Sorry'

That was it! ffs - 'sorry' that's a 100 quid plus sale they have just neglected, which would occur several times over a year! - Idiots! lol
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