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Posted 15th May
Hi all.
Has S&S changed? I had 1 sub set up already for delivery ever 6 months and just added 4 more for June. Instead of now giving me 15% it is still at 5% unless I change the 6 month delivery to June. So it seems be you only get 15% if you have 5 items per delivery, not overall subscriptions?
Or am I being dim 😬
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Sorry, that is terribly written, I should proof read 😔
All 5 needs to be in one month .
Yes you are correct. 5 deliveries monthly to get the 15%
Had a couple of cases where the item I added didn’t trigger the 15%, the 15% though does only come off the items you have are in the same delivery date which looks to be your issue. Just order something like toothpaste to bump it up.
Great thanks all
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