Amazon S&S Subscribe & Save problem

Posted 19th Oct 2020
It used to be that when I went for S&S and chose 6 month (or any other) delivery frequency, I would be told that the item would be delivered on my next monthly delivery date and the item would go into my S&S list for delivery then. I could accumulate the 5 items necessary to get the larger discount and they would all (theoretically) come together on the date selected by Amazon as my monthly date. I could then cancel all the S&S and start again for what I wanted for the next month's delivery.

Now, whatever I do, the system wants to deliver each item in a day or two's time with the smaller of the S&S discounts and the item will then only show in my S&S list for 6 months time (or whatever period I choose). This means that I can't accumulate the higher 5 item discount for my 1st delivery of any items,.

I have been doing S&S for a long time, so know how it is supposed to work, but it just doesn't wor how it should any longer. Has the system changed ? Have I forgotten how to do it ??
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