Amazon Standard Fifa 18 Digital Edition, is it correct?

Found 26th Aug 2017
2774753-NzJCz.jpgNever posted before so please excuse me if I've done this incorrectly but I'm confused as to Amazons pricing and description of their Fifa 18 downloads. I'm trying to order for my sons x box one and seemed too good to be true that Amazon are advertising their standard edition download with loads of extras, In fact more or less what's included in their Icon edition and double what's on offer on the Ronaldo edition for only £59.99 ! I've queried on Amazon live chat who just keep assuring me, if it's listed as this online it's correct. When I ask them what they'd do if I got the download only to find it only came with the standard 5 packs instead of the listed 40, what would they do. They couldn't answer, only told me it would come with it if that's what it says in the description! Ive screenshot it so by law they should then honour it but worried as it's a download if it's all incorrect info there's nothing I can do. Can't contact Ea to question it either as online service won't connect me. Has anyone ordered this and risking it?…one
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It says icon edition includes blar blar not standard sadly
So they would more than likely wiggle out see end of second bullet
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