Amazon student trial account - can you set up a new Amazon account the following year using the same Totum (3 year) card for verification?

Posted 6th Nov
. I have set up a new Amazon account each year and applied for a new one year NUS (now totum pro) card when my renewal came up, this allowed me to take up a 6 month trial each time.

The card has gone up to £16.50 including shipping but no longer has ISIC option so I was thinking of taking out the 3 year option (previously you could only get the ISIC add on for 12 months anyway) which is about £38 - are they likely to block me setting up a new Amazon Student trial if I'm using the same card but on a new account (I've just emailed them a scan or the card for verification)?

I'd assume that they would log the card number to stop someone setting up 2 trials a year, but I'm not sure...
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Amazon don't care, you'll be fine.
Isn’t Amazon student £40 anyway. So while a new student gets 6 months free, they then pay £40 for the remainder. Next year, £40 for the full year. You’re not going to lose out much cost wise either way.
jamie1506/11/2019 06:56

Amazon don't care, you'll be fine.

Have you heard of anyone doing what I'm aiming to Jamie?
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