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Found 8th Jan 2013
I'll start by saying "im not sure where this goes"

I have taken advantage of the Subscribe and Save (S+S) offer from Amazon however i think there may be a problem with it, i will try to be short and get the point across without rambling too much.

Basically I get my dog food from them and on the third order of the same item the price increased by about 16%, Originally £8.54 (using S+S) then went upto £9.89.

As i said to amazon in my email i could accept that the price may increase due to price fluctuations HOWEVER this is now the 2nd time that it has happened with one of my S+S subscriptions (my other ones have not had three orders yet) and that also increased by 16%.

Now some may say its a coincidence but my reason for posting this thread is to try and find out if it is indeed a 'conspiracy' and amazon are trying to take advantage of people overseeing the increase and forgetting about the subscription as they have no need to check anything as long as the item is turning up when its meant to.

So finally i would ask anyone reading this with a S+S please check (even if its for your own benefit) the prices and if you have a similar 'coincidence' to post here and maybe a pattern will emerge.

Thanks for your time.
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Cool story bro.
Wouldn't surprise me!!
I just bought aquarium gravel!? on s&s, saved a quid by doing so, but ffs.

but yeah, i forgot a few things that were s&s and luckily over xmas viewed my orders to see a couple were being activated at much dearer prices, no thanks.
Maybe they increased the prices because of all the tax they are paying
@splatsplatimnot writing it again: does the price increase work out at roughly 16% by any chance?

@unquestioned: no that can't be it VAT is only 20% so they would be over paying (if you took the 10% discount in to the calcs as well)
They send you an email before they dispatch each order which states the current price so that you can cancel the order if you don't want to pay whatever the current price is
u know i dont bother checking those emails.

naughty me. thanks for heads up
I've had cat food delivered on Subscribe and Save for over a year and the price has fluctuated no more than 12p every time since I set it up.
@sheep go baa: yes fair enough but how many get the email but don't bother to actually check the price?

So i received a prompt reply which is below


I appreciate the feedback you've provided about your Subscribe and Save order experience, and I'm so sorry for the problem with your orders. Please allow me to clarify you.

I've taken a look at your order and I see that there has been a billing error and this is why your order total depicted incorrect amount. I'm so sorry if this has caused any concerns to you.

To help you fix this issue, I've now adjusted the item price from GBP 10.99 to GBP 8.54. Therefore, you order total is now revised to 7.69 GBP.

Here is a short summary of your order:

Order Total: Subtotal: £8.54
Total Promotions Applied: - £0.85
VAT: £0.00
Paid by GC:- £9.89

You can check the status of your order, including payment information, at any time via the "Your Account" link located in the upper right hand corner of any page of our website.

I see you've used your gift certificate balance as a payment mode for this order. The remaining balance of GBP 2.20 will be back to your gift certificate balance within 1-2 business days.

Take that how you will but me being cynical, think that i have found something and they are all too eager to offer me a refund.
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I've had cat food delivered on Subscribe and Save for over a year and the … I've had cat food delivered on Subscribe and Save for over a year and the price has fluctuated no more than 12p every time since I set it up.

Maybe im just looking for conspiracy theories
I came here to lead, not to read
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