Amazon Super Saver Delivery

Hi there i was wondering if anyone can help me on this matter.

Does Amazon send there good's recorded delivery (signed for) as i have ordered a 12month gold card from them and it's going to be doubtful that someone will be in to sign for it.

And i really can't be bothered to take a travel to the sorting offfice haha...

Any clarafication on this matter would be great :).


ive never had to sign for anything from amazon

Last few things i have ordered from amazon have required a signature as it was through citylink but that was for bigger items, i ordered 2 xbox live 12 month subs from amazon about 4 months ago and they came in normal post,no signature required.

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Ah sounds like i might be ok then:)!

Mine just came thru' the door


anything over £100 i've had to sign for

I dont think there is a set rule, Somethings you do somethings you dont.

This item will most likely come through the door unless they have a crazy day in the packing department and use a big box like they do occasionally!

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Well let's hope they put it in a normal sized shipping box and get's put through the door lol..

Thank's for all the input


anything over £100 i've had to sign for

I ordered a 24 can pack of iron bru for a fiver, free next day delivery via city link, needed a signature.
Can't see how amazon made much money there
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