Posted 27th Sep 2022
I just logged on tonight to check my delivery. And found a photo of my own home. I found this a bit intrusive tbh. Is this normal?
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    Yep, many delivery companies take a picture of the parcel placed at your door
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    Wait until OP discovers street view on Google Maps
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    Yes. And I believe it’s in the t&cs. Very common. I mean, you’ve already given them your address to get it delivered. So what’s the issue? It’s just proof to protect you and the courier. 
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    Op, this practice is normal. Don't fret about it. Anyone can see your front door when walking past or doing a street view online.
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    Post your address and the entire hukd commnity can see it on Google maps!
    2 pine street, oldham
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    Royal Mail, Evri , dpd, etc. all take photos, some even wait for you to open the door and take a photo of the parcel inside.
    Yeah with your bloody toes in the photo.even more invasive.!
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    It helps future delivery people find your house easier
    I would prefer this then them sending my items to wrong houses where people steal the items. Then they claim that they didn't get anything
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    what i dont get is when they leave it outside your house and take a picture
    Exactly this, why knock on the door if you haven't taken one
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    Ikea did it with me last week. Took photos of the stuff inside then another photo of my front door open.
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    It's a game
    You have to be quick
    Open door, grab parcel, close door, all before they take their photo