Amazon trading under different company names

Found 9th Feb 2015
Has anyone any info on companies that appear to be Amazon but called a different name? Is this some sort of tax avoidance ploy?

An example is Roxy*Books, a company based in UK but has nothing in its shop for sale in UK, only for sale in Australia?*books?*books
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langton_distribution_ is another compnay based in the UK but only has items for sale in the USA?…EPI*books?*books

There is also Langton_distribution in Canada( notice that the name lacks the underscore after the word 'distribution' like in the USA company.…tes

Edited by: "winchman" 9th Feb 2015
Aren't they an affiliate company who trade in the Amazon Marketplace? Owned by Edward Bowditch? They trade under Edward Bowditch Ltd in the UK.
It strikes me as a bit strange to be based in UK but not sell here...
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