Amazon Treasure Truck

Found 1st Dec 2017Edited by:"SBA7"
2845765-9w5qH.jpgHas anyone seen this? I have heard about it in the US but its making it way over to the UK.

They visit big cities and offer deals on product, along with a bunch of other fun and games.

Exciting to see it coming to the UK…031
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Reminds me of those dodgy sellers where there's a guy with a microphone selling "must have" perfume or knock-off headphones
Amazon warehouse returns?
Yes. Here are the past deals. Usually on Fridays but sometimes twice a week. Selected locations. Type “Treasure Truck” into Amazon.…uck
Segata-Sanshiro1st Dec 2017

Amazon warehouse returns?

Hope not. They were selling steak the other week
miikeyblue10th May

Hope not. They were selling steak the other week

Like most miscy's error seems to have deserted us for reddit.
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