Amazon vouchers - detach from account?


I entered two vouchers (£5) at amazon's checkout, but found I couldn't use them as the item was from a 3rd party seller. Since they were entered, but not used they're now attached to my account.

Since there's nothing I want there now, I'd like to exchange / pass on the vouchers to somebody else with an amazon account.

But would they be able to used the voucher codes? are there attached only to my account, and therefore can't be used by someone else?


Yep, they are attached to your account.

I suppose the only way you can sell them here is if you buy something someone wants on here and give their delivery address.

Can't you buy some more amazon vouchers and send them to your own email address. That would generate new voucher numbers, etc.…fGC

How much do you want for them-if i will be able to use them ?!

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