Amazon wants me to sign a "declaration of truth" document????

Posted 11th Feb 2019
Hi guys,

I ordered a hard drive from amazon that was meant to be signed for when it arrives.

I live in a student house with around 12 people in.

When I arrived back from work and checked my Amazon, it told me that it was delivered. "Handed to resident", without any signature.

The next morning I tried to catch as many people as I could in the house to ask them if they received my parcel. Everybody said no. I called Amazon and explained to them the situation and how my parcel required a signature, and they told me that although it required a signature, the delivery driver did not get one from the resident they handed it over to.

After being transferred multiple times to different Amazon representatives, one of them sent me an E-Mail and told me to print out and sign a "declaration of truth" document that states I to the fullest of my knowledge do not know where my parcel is.

They told me they will launch a police investigation into the matter.

I don't want to say that my neighbours / people in my house are thieves as it may have been the courier delivery guy, however regarding the police involvement, will they come into the house and search everybody's room for my hard drive?

Will the courier person come to the house to tell me exactly who they handed the parcel over to?

If there is a thief in this house I wouldn't mind knowing exactly who it is!

All could have been avoided if the delivery guy just got the signature he was supposed to get!!!
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