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Found 12th Jul
Looking at a phone and the description says:

Very Good - The item may come repackaged. Minor cosmetic imperfection on the front of the item. Minor cosmetic imperfection on the top or sides of the item

What is everyone's experience of this? 'May come repackaged'? Why would it have signs of use if it's just a return due to change of mind?

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Bought two very good items and they came mint condition.

One was a coffee machine and the other was a limited edition game.

Based on my experience you should be fine
got a ps4 that was said to be like new

was falling apart no problem returning though
Can’t fault amazon in the slightest. If they say it’s good it most likely will be. If it isn’t you can return for your money back no questions asked. I do 90% of my shopping on there for that reason
I'm pretty sure there's a "Used - like new" classification that's better than "Very good" - so I'd imagine it has had some use & returned within 30 days.
Had quite a few things from warehouse over the past two years , on the whole more positive than negative. Had a box of 300 outside lights turn up yesterday , as new condition, and wouldn't have know they were from warehouse rather than the main site.
Very good items tend to have accurate descriptions about damage to packaging etc , I guess things get damaged at Amazon as well as in transit. I've also had to return a couple of very good items though , one broken and one not only used with bits missing, but also with an item of the last purchasers post inside it 😣
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They have their moments. I’ve bought heaps and only been properly shafted twice. On each occasion they took the return easily.
Sometimes the condition description can be colourful but Amazon CS will fall over themselves to keep you happy, including no-hassle full refund if required. Generally no issues.
everything I've ever bought in "Used" condition has been as new just an open box.

on some occasions the boxes have still been sealed.
I’ve had a couple of things where the item has been replaced by someone else with a broken one. Just bought a pair of PS4 Platinum headphones that were described as very good. The box and all documentation was fine, but the actual headset was minging and had obviously just been swapped in the box.

No issue returning it though so it’s not the end of the world. I actually then got a new pair for less through slidr
I went for a 'used - like new' one in the end. I have high expectations to be honest...

I once bought a 'very good' dvd writer. Inside the box was a frame for an internal one?
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