amazon warehouse - ordered USED-GOOD CONDITION IPAD but received a factory sealed IPAD (looks brand new)

I recently ordered an IPAD from Amazon Warehouse USED-GOOD CONDITION, but a received a factory sealed IPAD which seems to be brand new (minor crease on the packaging), do Amazon seal their used goods or could this be an actual new item they sent me? Is anyone aware of their process? This is obviously great for me but just wondering.


Nice! How much did you pay for which model?

It maybe a returned item but not just opened, I've brought loads off them used but occasionally they are brand new. They don't reseal, just put a sticker on the box saying warehouse deal. Someone probably received it with a crease and sent it back complaining for a replacement.

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It was a AIR 2 64GB for £355

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Handy to know they send brand new sometimes instead of used. Their 30 day return policy is great just in case you are not happy with the condition

I buy from warehouse all the time. More then half the stuff I receive it brand new sealed. Minor damage to box etc.. if you look under the price on the right side of the screen it says the items condition in one or two words. If you click on 'details' at the end of that it will tell you more specifics i.e.- if it was a book it could say used, then in details say, small crease on front page. You receive the item and it's new with a small bend in the cover. Hope you find that helpful
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I always look for warehouse deals first and judge if the loss of the guarantee is worth the money gained but have got a lot of good items this way normally pick the as new ones for the best results or boxed not really been keen on the just good unboxed listings though. although Nikon binoculars come to mind over 50% saved and you know at once if theres a problem so can send it back, also got an as new boxed ipad air case £23 now £55 which has been brilliant.
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Send it back and insist on a used , scratched one .:)

Everybody happy etc but my experience was completely opposite, ordered galaxy phone case and well, the one which I received was completely different to one ordered. has to return and buy the full priced one
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