Amazon warehouse phones - acceptable / good likely have battery used?

Posted 24th Nov 2022
Hi - I'm looking for a phone for my son.
I'm used to buying "very good" or "like new" stuff from amazon warehouse as it's often just a customer return.

What about 'acceptable' or 'good'?

Do you think they're likely to be trade ins and therefore the battery could already be hammered?

Looking at redmi note 10s
and they have
acceptable £123 -10% = £110
good £144 -10% = £129
very good £145 -10% = £130
like new £155 -10% = £139

the description on acceptable does suggest it's a trade in

"Minor scratch on glass. Battery health is 98% or more. Item will come repackaged. Missing base/charging station. Missing case. Missing earphones. Missing manual. Missing screen foil. Missing SIM ejection pin. Missing USB/Firewire cable."


good is described ass

"Small scratches on the sides of the item (up to 1/2 in.). Missing earphones. Item is in original packaging, but packaging has damage."

What are your experiences?
The phone was released in March 2021 so would prefer one on the shelf than been used and then traded in!

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    It’s hit and miss. Some are great. Even an acceptable condition item will turn up pristine sometimes. But I’d say one or two in ten warehouse orders I have to return because I’m disappointed with the condition.

    They make it easy to return. Best advice is to buy and give it a thorough test to make sure you’re happy with it. There’s tools you can download to test the battery capacity.
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    I buy quite a lot from warehouse when they have deals on but I've seen so many 'item missing from box' posts on various sites about Amazon and phones they're probably the one thing I wouldn't risk, especially if the box wasn't meant to be sealed when they sent it.
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