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Found 5th Jan
I've seen a number of phones listed on Amazon warehouse with vague descriptions such as "small scratches on screen, sides, back" - I've bought from Amazon warehouse before (not phones) and the only thing wrong was a tiny scuff on the box.

Has anyone bought a mobile phone from Amazon with this kind of description? What state was the phone in? Was the screen actually scratched, and was it better or worse than you expected?
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order it, if you dont like it you can return it
It's a complete lottery. I wouldn't put too much faith in the Amazon description to be honest. I ordered a HTC U11 which was supposedly 'like new' with just an opened box.

When it arrived it had two deep 1inch scratches on the screen and the headphones and USB C - AUX adapter missing. The box also looked like it had been booted around the warehouse by the 80s Wimbledon Crazy Gang.

The return process was easy enough but it took over a week to get the refund processed.
I bought two at Christmas, boxes perfect. One phone not a mark on it, the other a tiny pin mark on the back if you looked very closely which worked out great ironically as they were for my adult sons so easily identifiable if they put them down together,

Headphones were missing on both but after posting on here it seems Amazon don't supply headphones on this model. One of the charging cables was not in the bag in the box but the bag was there and cable fine.

I'd definitely do it again and as seabs states the return policy is great if required.

Oh and the phones were Moto G5 and the description stated small scratches on back and front.
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