Amazon Xbox 360 S preorder question

I pre-ordered the new 360 at Amazon on june 15th. Usually I´d go with super saver delivery but I really want this on friday, so I picked first class.
Now I just called Amazon and asked them when the console will be sent
and I was told if I pick Super Saver or 1st class it won´t be dispatched before friday and I won´t get it before next week!?
And that if I want it to be delivered on friday I need to pick express delivery.
Sounds a little weird to me as my usual experience with Amazon pre-orders
is that if you pay for 1st class you get your item on release day.

What do you think....?


Not on this item 16th July release is a strict date Amazon will have been forced to adhere to eg the 15th of July to release to courier. Therefore next day delivery will need to be paid for to guarantee you get it on Friday 16th the release date of item.

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I´ll go with expedited then to be safe.

Thought already that retailers were told not to sell and ship em early as it´s a big release.
GAME shipped many consoles on sunday/monday already but they are held by RM or the courier they use for delivery on friday.

I'm not saying I know for sure what I typed is 100% accurate. Amazon may be trying to get some more pennies by telling you that but it just seems logical to me for it to be the reason why they are telling you that. I'm sure some other shops might be breaking the street date to get their customers their goods quicker.

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Yeah I know. It was also the "night staff" in india or wherever they are. They usually don´t have a clue anyway and just tell you the standard answers to your questions.

Don´t mind paying a little extra if that guarantees I get it on friday.
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