is down

seems down right now. so much loss of business. OH WELL


Fine for me.

Working for me.


up again

they use S3, their own host, very expensive hosting, wont go down for long! loses too much money
basically, if amazon is down, so will the world be!

its much more likely a routing issue with your isp than amazon's end

as for a minute downtime, as andywedge says, thats probably your isp flushing dns, it looks like it goes down, but i can assure you, amazon is up, has too much redundancy (I have worked for s3)

up me


I think (like some HUKD mods) Amazon grab about 1 minutes sleep per day. Having just checked I think a huge collective sigh of relief as they have woken up again


Hugh Jass!;8350941

up me

Up yours?

It's down for me.

Fine here.

weird .... its not working for me and its 1.20am!!!..............


a week or 2 ago, I couldn't access the website, for a whole week
It was up, and a traceroute showed it was some US based server, a call to my isp, they called the server company, it was a routing issue, was soon fixed then

you might try turning off and on your modem/router, as it's your isp's routing causing it

No problems loading the site here

Not working here...
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