's Samsung P2450H monitor packaging resealed?

Hi, I think I am one of the many who bough a samsung P2450H monitor maybe from I ordered one of these about a week ago. When I received it I found out that the packaging had been resealed as I could see there was one additional type on the front of the package. The additional tape was the normal 50mm wide which is narrower than the manufacture's one. So I called and the explained the problem the lady quickly arranged for a replacement for me. I got the replacement in about 3 working day after my call. However, I found out the replacement also had the same problem, top side of the packaging also had been resealed. I felt quite annoying about this and thought maybe all of them are like that and decided to open and give it a try. So far the monitor seems working fine, it's just the color tone and setting is not that good, maybe need some adjustment.
My big question to ask those also bought this same monitor from is that is your package also has been reseamed when you received it? Can any of you share your experience please? I might return the second monitor if I found out that the resealed packaging is not usual.

Many thanks in advance.


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i normally deliver a fare few of items for amazon through home delivery network. i must admit there packaging may have been sealed in the warehouse because i have had loads of books lately and they have been ripped. i wouldnt worry really. I can understand where you coming from though when buying something new

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vicknanth, thanks for your input. I probably won't bother to ask for replacement if I buying something like books or things not in very high value. But when coming to electric stuff and quick expensive, I would like them to be really new when I am buy them new.
If any of you have relevant experience please give a word.
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