Has anyone used amazon . de? and had things delivered to uk ? if so was it ok and no problems?

as my OH wants a gift and i have searched high and low and have found ti eventually at amazon .de , i have ordered it , but really worried now


they are fine. It may take a little longer. I remember a few years ago they were about the only place getting regular wii stocks and people bought hundreds

dont you have to pay customs charge if its over a certain amount? from germany or any other country outside the uk

i ordered wii fit from them arrived in 3 days

just pull up uk amazon site along side it so you know how to fill it in correctly

You can use the French site with no problems too.

I bought a hd dvd player from there before with no problems

i bought an xbox hd-dvd drive from them last year. it arrived faulty and i had a replacement unit within 3 days

I used it to by a rare book through the marketplace - they wanted £20 through the uk site - bought it from the same seller on the .de site for £4! Go figure................

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ty all

Recently downloaded Google toolbar its perfect for translating each webpage,
makes it a lot easier especially if you want to cancel anything.…ie/

Had about 20 wiis from them xmas '07 (think it was '07). No bother, no fuss.

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ty guys , had email for dispatch today , so great news , my OH be very happy on xmas morning , when he opens the pressie he thought he wouldnt get as everywhere OOS in UK, except for overpriced ebay

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all delivered ,, 1 day delivery from germany excellent
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