order cancelled, money taken, help please

Found 10th Apr 2015 market seller cancelled order but money still taken...advice please!

I ordered a new style 3DS XL from from a market seller this morning, was 170 euros, (£132) ... however a few hours later i received a email saying they cancelled my order and no money was taken, but my bank balance shows £132 short! I have tried emailing them but no reply yet... am I covered by amazon seeing as it was not a UK order?
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it might take a few days for the money to recredit -normally its instant buy because its a foreign transaction it might take some time to go back in.
I had same problem with amazon uk, it may just be that amazon pre authorised your card, what normally happens when u place an order online with a site is when they are ready to ship item, they will pre authorise your card, however they do not take any funds, company then have up to 5 days to confirm, if they dont confirm then the funds will be released back to card
if you phone the bank they will probably tell you this too, i know as when it happened to me, i phoned amazon, as it was an order for 3 items, 2 were marked as authorised and payment received, 3rd one was then declined as i was about £1 short on card for all 3 items lol. then phoned amazon and they said payment was not authorised for any of them, i then called bank to find out, they then told me that from their side the 2 payments were authorised and gave me the authorisation codes, they then told me i needed to contact amazon and give them the authorisation codes and they could release the pre authorisation, however amazon then told me it wasnt authorised and i needed to contact the bank, i then recalled the bank and they said to leave it for a week and if it wasnt confirmed by amazon by then, the funds would reappear back on card, anyway happy to report that 7 days later funds were released back to card
thanks for the replies, I will wait a few days and see if the money transfers back to my account.. was a bit worried seeing as it was overseas market seller and communication with them is hard to understand..i have never used amazon from outside the UK before, and I don't think I will again!
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When using Amazon de etc don't use market place sellers some will not be willing to ship overseas like Amazon directly
Surely it would make more sense to contact Amazon?
Marketplace sellers only get paid by Amazon when they ship the item - Amazon have your money and should refund soon.

It can take a while after the seller cancels the order for Amazon to sort it out ...
just a quick update, Amazon de responded to my email, they assure me amazon have not taken any money form my account and as mentioned here, they said my bank is prob holding the money and should be returned to my account in 7-10 days... thanks again for the replies, least I have peace of mind now, just got to wait for the refund

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