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Found 19th Nov 2017
Just had a look at amazon's Black Friday so called deals. The search for laptops brings nothing but accessories and cruddy little 32gb machines they can't get rid of. Wow some sale.
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I'd stay off if i was you, i had 3 things i was looking at, since black Friday started ones gone up by £15, ones gone up by £30 and the other by £55
Black DOX day
It's been like this for the last three years, only a few items are ever worth buying, if at all but even they regularly go on sale (e.g. Amazon devices).

The sales been good for me thanks to the Echo Dots and TP Link sales.

I'm also looking to maybe get a Fire Stick and my aunt a Fire tablet.
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barry.turner25 m ago

Fire stick? I've got 3 tellies and it won't fit into two of them cos of …Fire stick? I've got 3 tellies and it won't fit into two of them cos of the stupid place they have put the USB cable connection. Dorks.

hi barry and welcome to hotukdeals
As i call it crap Friday
I check the lightning deals throughout the year and its the usual crap being churned out by third party sellers having paid a bit to amazon to get listed as a lightning deal. Amazon themselves will put up something decent once in a while which gets posted here or some nice alcohol deal.

When it comes close to black friday even some of the usual crap third party seller post starts selling! its the amazon TV marketing etc. Its people thinking they are getting a deal just start buying stuff.
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