AMD 64 or Sempron for socket 754.

    Hi there,
    I'm looking for a socket 754 amd 64 or sempron that's better than a 32bit 2800+ Sempron (socket 754). at present I'm trying to upgrade my Dad pc but I cannot seem to find anywhere that sells a socket 754 processor that's better than the one he's got and doesn't cost a fortune.

    Thanks for any and all help.

    PS love the website :-D
    I like it so much that my first born shall be named after it


    What u gonna call him?

    Huk D?

    The Athlon processors are hard to come by in 754 form unless you go over to eBay. I am currently running a Clawhammer 754 but had it from launch day off years ago.

    Retail you are looking at the Sempron 3400 for about £45 delivered.…=15

    Never heard of the company before though, worth checking up on them, or you can go over to Ebuyer and get one for £50.

    You'll have to ensure the motherboard can take a 3400 CPU...I'm also not that sure your Dad will experience much of an improvement by changing the much RAM has the PC got..because it may be worth spending the money on more ram rather than the CPU?

    Original Poster

    Hey all,
    Thanks for all the replies.
    The mobo he has is a K8Upgrade
    I believe that it supports up to an Athlon 64 3700+, He has 512mb of pc 3200, with another 512mb on its way.

    To my knowledge he uses his pc for work, running Seti @ Home, plays the real world golf 2007 pc game with that gametrack thingy ma bob.

    Thanks for the this link…=15
    Looking thought Ebuyer I noticed a Sempron 3400 for £45.

    Thanks again for all the replies and help.

    Btw Beerman I think ill go and name it, it has a nice ring to it

    beware semprons are not a very good processor compared to the athlon. I have both a 3200 venice cored athlon 64 and a sempron 3200 in the wifes pc believe me theres a hell of a lot of speed difference ( same ram same motherboard and same hard drive)

    I agree with what Currchops says, between the 2800 and the 3400 you are not really going to get much of a boost. Also the Ebuyer one is £45 but delivery takes it to £50.

    But if he must then he must, as it really looks like his only other option is spend £85 on eBay for an Athlon or upgrade to a new socket.
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