Amd or Intel, 3850 Pro 512MB or 8800 GT? whats decent these days?

I'm contemplating building a new to play AoC on, its been 2 years since i used to follow whats top tech etc and now its just boggling my brain lol
Bear in mind the pc im building wont be going for top parts just above average, dual core decent gfx 4 gig ram etc.

I used to awlays be a amd guy but intel look decent/better now?
Which of the gfx cards in the topic are best? and would there be a conflict with intel and ati cards, also do certain cards run better with certain processors?
Also a really big Q...better to stick with Xp or go to Vista now?

Thanks for any help guys!

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8800GT 512mb (Do not get the 256mb) or the 9600GT 512mb.

The above two are about £100 or less and both top performers and blitz the 3850, although the 3850 is a great card and can be had for £70ish maybe a little more.

An alternative for £100ish is the 3870XT 512mb which is close to the 8800GT 512mb but benchmarks say the 8800Gt is better, however people seem to get better frames in real time gaming, maybe because of the better memory used int he 3870.

But either the 3870, the 8800GT or the 9600GT will be a great choice.

I think ATI are about to realease their series 4 cards very very soon so if you can, I would hold off a couple of weeks just to see if the market prices move and if the 4 series bring out anything spectacular for £100 or so.
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