Posted 25th Feb 2023 (Posted 23 h, 44 m ago)

I have a Ryzen 5 5600g mini itx pc currently and need more physical space so been shopping around for a mini pc

Which of AMDs laptop based processors that are in most of these mini PC's are similar if not better.

I utilise onboard Apu graphics so not looking for anything where you need a graphics card just something more powerful if I am buying something new.

A few I have seen are

Minis forum um590 Ryzen 9 5900hx
Beelink wth Ryzen 7 6800H
Acemagician with ryzen 5 5600U
Beelink ser5 with Ryzen 5 5600h

Issue with Google search is comparing is difficult as laptop and a consumer desktop. The sites Google brings up are fake comparison sites and not real world just copy pasted data harvested elsewhere.
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    I would try youtube for comparisons. I would think there will be some videos on there
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    Ryzen 7 6800H
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    You need to read some comparison reviews of mobile chips or mini systems featuring ryzen chips. On some tech sites like Tom's hardware or anandtech or similar sites. Or watch some YouTube reviews comparing mini systems to get an idea. Real world use performance is always more important than the brand or hype about how small or cool it looks. It's also worth considering future expansion or needs.

    I had a quick look and ryzen 7 7735 or ryzen 9 6900 seem to be pretty good. But it depends on your budget? (edited)
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    How big is the case your Mini-ITX system is in? There are some ridiculously large ones on the market so it's possible you can cut down the size substantially just by changing a couple of bits.

    The other 5600 models are the same CPU as yours but with less cache and tighter thermal/power limits so the average clockspeed will be lower, particularly under heavy load. i.e. they're slower.

    The 5900HX and 6800U do get a couple more cores and a better GPU so they may be better some of the time, although they're a similar design with a lower clockspeed so there will likely be workloads where they're slower too.
    current case is 18.4L capacity.

    going for a mini PC like the GTR beelink or similar as that way it can be easily mounted to a vesa brackets attached to the monitor stand (parents have the GTR9 we bought them last year) but that was replacing a huge Full size desktop with an i5 2500k that had been using for 10 years and the difference was night an dday especially in running cost. Ours a re little newer tho so gains dont seem to be as great if any.

    since moving our PC from studio to home and remodelling our our living room the case is unsightly as its just stuck on the floor all wires are on show even in braided wire managment and looks out of place plus our 2 dogs and with fire on its getting dusty sat on the floor plus fans ramp up as ambient temp in room quite high with heating on.

    As long as performance is almost similar as we have workflows created for batch editing and know in seconds how long stuff takes.

    And if i can keep similar performance but shave off a few Watts here and there then way things are looking should pay for itself soon
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    Forgot to ask, what is your existing case?
    Is a smaller case not fit the bill?
    Or a slim htpc case stick it behind or under monitor? (edited)
    Ideally looking to mount it on a vesa bracket attached the the arm of our monitor stand.

    Current case even tho ITX is 18.4l but its sat on the floor as no where else for it to go so options limited.

    was hoping these would offer same if not slightly better performance, be 90% smaller and poss a little less in power. A couple are equivalent of a £1000+ laptops without the bits that make it a laptop.
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    18.4L is a substantial case the volume of a small MicroATX tower. If you're not using any expansion cards you could cut it reduce it by 75-80% by just swapping the case and power supply (and possibly CPU cooler).
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