Found 17th Aug 2008
If I manage to save up enough money ( and find a job to get the money :P ) I am planning to buy a macbook in Las Vegas at xmas and possibly a bose sounddock.
However how would i go about plugging them in over here?

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It's not just the plug that's your problem, it's the power supply
the Americans use 110-120V ac and we use 230V ac
you have to buy the UK power supply for the item your buying
and if Apple are anything like Toshiba/Compaq etc your talking £100+ for that

You can of course just but an adaptor, or cut the plug off and use that
but check the power supply that comes with the item first. SOME actually cover anywhere from 90-250V ac such as sony usually and you MIGHT be lucky
if it doesn't cover 230Vac though your going to have a huge bang and a dead new toy

An American keyboard is also different from an UK keyboard.

It will also have no warranty or support so if it goes wrong you are stuck (Apple over here will not support a Mac bought in the USA)

Original Poster

thought they would?
Thought they had a 1 year international warrenty?

You'll need a step down transformer to convert the power supply. Prices vary on the internet but any electronics store will sell them. Not that expensive either. They are quite heavy so beware if anyone tries to sell you a normal adaptor.


Take no notice - All laptops nowadays use dual voltage power supplies and … Take no notice - All laptops nowadays use dual voltage power supplies and will work here and there!Not sure about the Bose dock though - just ask the salesman.

I agree to it.. all the laptops nowdays come with power supply which work from 110 to 240.

though you might need an adapter to convert US style plug to UK style plug.. these are easily available at tesco's or maplins..

same would apply to bose speakers as well..
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