Found 16th Dec 2005
We are all up for a bargain and recently ive heard of being able to buy a USA Address on the internet so you dont get stung with tremendous shipping and customs taxes.

Basically what happens is you buy from and american compnay who send it to this address (which actually belongs to a company who then forwards it on for as an item that doesnt qualify for customs taxes etc.

Nice in theory, but has anyyone actually had a go on this?

If so is it worth it?

Recently i was going to buy a Boston Celtics Shirt from for $30 but to ship it to the UK it would have been $90.

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you still have to pay for the shipping (and customs clearance) from the forwarding company to Blighty.


Up to 10kg for as little as £54.99Up to 25kg for as little as £74.99Up to … Up to 10kg for as little as £54.99Up to 25kg for as little as £74.99Up to 70kg for as little as £189.99


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10 kg = 22 lb
25 kg = 55 lb
70 kg = 165 lb

for us Imperial people! :P
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