American Express

I got an Amex platinum card through Quidco and the £33.75 cash back has validated for Aug payment. So far so good.

The main reason I got the card was to get the 5% cash back from Amex on all purchases during the first three months, however, when my first statement arrived the cashback was showing only as 2%.

I called the customer services help line, who were totally useless and they waffled on for several minutes obviously not having a clue about how the cash back scheme works.

Eventually, they said they'd have to investigate further and call me back, which they did to advise that there seemed to be a problem and that they would write to me within two weeks.

Altogether a poor service and I would advise anyone else who took up this offer to check their statements.…=80


Thanks for the heads up tuggy - I was thinking about applying for an Amex soon and will be aware of their shenanigans now!


I took the offer and got the £33.75 quidco.

Only spent £1.99 on the card and now in the bin. Surprised Amex still keep going as I had to really struggle to find anywhere that accepted them online!

There will be trouble if I only get 4p cashback instead of 10p lol
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